Tom's version of Daft Punk's 'Aerodynamic' started life as a concept for a Pantene commercial featuring Myleene Klass. On the day of the shoot, with another piece of music - Bach's Toccata - ticked off, the director Sara Dunlop called Tom from Prague, hoping to try a bit of Daft Punk while the cameras were still rolling. 

A crazy one hour scramble followed. Sitting in his Soho studio he produced a series of piano 'cells' for Myleene to play, before emailing them to Prague where they were printed off and played by Myleene and shot by Sara to a click track. What took place in that hour in many ways defined the shape of the arrangement to come. There were no overdubbing tricks to fall back on - what the cameras had shot of Myleene's fingers had to be in the final piece.

At that time Tom was becoming interested in a chamber sound involving 9 strings (two mirrored string quartets and double bass) and piano with assorted percussion, and so he set about creating such an arrangement for Aerodynamic.

The turning point came when music supervision company approached Daft Punk for approval. Daft Punk had regularly turned down much 'cooler' and bigger budget adverts than Pantene in the past, but in this case approved the use of the music largely on the strength of Tom's arrangement. And so the unholy trinity of Myleene Klass, Pantene and Daft Punk was born.

The piece was subsequently used on a number of Strictly Come Dancing episodes, before being picked up for a Sky F1 Promo in 2013.