Late last year, Tom rejoined forces with long-time collaborator Franz Kirmann to begin work on the score for the brand new eight-part BBC drama McMafia.

The series stars James Norton as Alex Godman, who despite his life-long effort to cut his familial ties with the world of organised crime, finds himself suddenly dragged into the family business. 

The Main Theme, 'He's Home' and 'By Deception We Will Do War' are available to stream and download everywhere through Mercury KX.

In 2013, writer/director team Stewart Alexander and Kerry Skinner called upon Tom to provide a lush, intimate score for a new independent film. Common People weaves together six stories and over thirty characters to present a dramatic, humorous and sometimes magical tale of romance, crisis and adventure on one of London’s expansive commons. The film screened nationwide at Picturehouse Cinemas.

"Common People is a rare gem, the kind that makes you thrilled to have discovered it. With no real expectations I started to watch this wonderful film, expecting a gentle reflective hour and a half - but Common People is so much more than that. With beautiful performances and a quiet firmness it pushes you to an understanding of human motive and love that is intensely moving and highly rewarding. I recommend this so highly."Stephen Fry



In 2010 Tom composed the score for Pimp, a mockumentary-style British thriller starring Danny Dyer. Through the lens of a documentary camera team, the story follows a week in the life of a Soho pimp. 




In 2008, Tom was approached to provide additional music for British comedy Faintheart, the story of a downtrodden home improvement store clerk with a penchant for Viking battle re-enacting, who fights to win back his wife. Faintheart was the first film to be created via crowdsourced collaboration, the result of the combined effort of online community MySpace, Vertigo Films, and Film4.