Late last year, Tom rejoined forces with long-time collaborator Franz Kirmann to begin work on the score for the prestige BBC drama McMafia.

The series stars James Norton as Alex Godman, who despite his life-long effort to cut his familial ties with the world of organised crime, finds himself suddenly dragged into the family business. 

The full soundtrack is available to stream and download everywhere through Mercury KX.


"Tom and Franz have brought a truly original and distinctive voice to the series, mixing tension, emotion, violence and tenderness in a bold, mesmeric score which is utterly unique but will also have a big influence on many future shows." - McMafia co-writer Hossein Amini

"A word for the soundtrack, composed by Tom Hodge and Franz Kirmann, particularly effective in a twisted, electronic passage at the conclusion which aptly conveys Alex’s inner turmoil as he’s forced to swallow more secrets like razor blades." - The Guardian

" was a compelling drama, constructed with thought and care, from the casting to the excellent soundtrack by Tom Hodge and Frank Kirmann, classical strings with a subtle undertow of electronica" - The Guardian

"The soundtrack pulsed like a Hollywood thriller." - The Telegraph

"It pushes the boundaries" - Tom and Franz interviewed by Music Week

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